Renovation work at Peravur

Peravoor (4)

Peravur is located some 5 km from Aduthurai, a mid point on Mayiladuthurai – Kumbakonam road. Adhitheswara Temple of Peravur dates back to the Chola Period. Since it had been neglected for a long time, it suffered extensive damage and the only remaining sannadhi was that of Adhitheswara. The shrine of His consort , Sri Gnanambikai is not there. The idol of the Goddess is therefore kept inside the sanctum.

This place is referred in Appar’s Thevaram Hymns and called as a “Thevara Vaipu Sthalam” Ardhra Foundation took interest in renovating and preserving this Heritage structure and held discussions with the locals and other philanthropists. The Main Sanctum was renovated with the help of well wishers and the only work left behind was the construction of Ambal Sannadhi.  AF came forward to construct the new shrine for the Goddess and the same was completed within a month.

The consecration of the Temple took place on 9th April,2014.

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