Ardhra Foundation reaffirms through its holy organ, Thiruvathirayan Thiruvarut Sabhai, comprising a team of dedicated personalities earnestly aspires to address main issues which affect India’s cultural heritage and strives hard to restore it in all possible ways. The service & development specific approach with over thirty years of field work would help creating awareness among the people on the need to preserve the tradition that enriched our glorious heritage through art, music, dance, vedas, puranas, silpa, agamas, literature etc. It believes that creating an environment by sharing issues related to ancient temples in the villages will trigger the much needed rural development. It also encompasses social and welfare activities to benefit less privileged individuals / families in the rural society. It also believes that devotion and service shall go hand in hand to meet the goal.

Beyond identifying the issues of concern, a significant change is aimed by closely monitoring the situation. On the spot survey, creating cultural awareness, spreading cultural knowledge through internet and group activities shall find importance in the agenda. The quest to preserve the heritage shall be of a fact finding and resolving mechanism and shall not remain as a fault finding mission. Continuous improvement is always aspired by welcoming inputs from heritage lovers to bring the glory of the past to limelight.