Construction of Subramanya Sannadhi at Keezh Korkai

Foundation work-Subramanya Sannadhi-Keezh KorkaiKorkai (8)

Subramanya Sannadhi built behind Siva shrine

The historic Temple at Keezha Korkai near Patteeswaram off Kumbakonam was once covered with wild growth of trees which penetrated through granite walls and vimanams. The renovation committee tried hard and found donors for renovating the shrine without altering the original glory. They numbered each stone of the Mahamandapam and dismantled the structure. The stones were replaced in their original places with the help of cranes after completely removing the giant roots of the plants. Since the sannadhis of Ganapathi and Subramanya were lost long back, the idols were kept in the Mahamandapam. A local person has come forward to construct a new shrine for Ganesa and Ardhra   Foundation has accepted to build a new sannadhi for Subramanya. The work was completed by March. Boomi Puja was held on 12 th Feb

The latest update is that the construction of Subramanya sannadhi is completed as scheduled. The Renovation committee expects the construction of compound wall to be started soon. Having completed all major work, the temple awaits clearance for consecration from HR&CE dept for over five years !

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