Saving a Cow



It so happens that the Almighty makes us to realise that we are blessed to serve Him. We come to know about this fact however we excel in executing our plans. Many times we miss the goals for unknown reasons. We are thrilled when we are blessed so suddenly even though we are not aiming to do a particular service. This is what exactly happened when the milk vendor knocked our doors last week and pleaded for our help to save a cow which was scheduled to reach the butcher’s hands the very next day.

The request for financial help came at a short notice. It was at that time I remembered the assistance made by a well wisher who donated an amount to be gifted for the protection of cows. This contribution came some six months back. Though he was anxious to know where the assistance was utilised, a decision could not be taken at that time for reasons, not known to me.But I was certain that the delay was made purposefully for a genuine reason to be known later.

As it was my habit to check the genuineness of the information provided, I paid a visit to his cattle shed , about 1 km from my place. It was on the banks of a river which had turned out to be the carrier of drainage wastes. The shed housed 13 cows and the new entrant was seen tied at a separate place near the shed. When I was convinced that he owned the cows and supplying milk regularly to his customers, I handed over the financial help to him with the request that the animal would be taken utmost care. I returned home with the satisfaction that the life of the Cow was extended this way. I looked at Her before leaving the shed. She looked at me for quite some time, perhaps gratefully.

I wrote to my friend who contributed for the protection of Cows by narrating the story with the picture of the animal thus saved. Pat came the reply that it was incidentally his birthday and there could not be a better gift than this. I once again thanked The Almighty to bless Ardhra Foundation to serve in this manner.

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1 Response to Saving a Cow

  1. s.chandrasekaran says:

    Divine mysteries are beyond comprehension but so excitingly manifested. Blessed are the donor, “gopaalan” and catalyst. Chandru

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