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                       Thula Uthsavam at Mayiladuthurai-  November 2018

IMG_20181116_124036The town takes a festive look right from the beginning of the Tamil month, Aipasi. Perhaps this is the only place where the main deities in the form of uthsava moorthis are taken in a procession for theerthavari at Cauvery on all the days of the month. The grand opening of the month is marked by the procession of Panchamurthis for theerthavari on both the banks of the river.

IMG_20181116_123707The last ten days of the river are much more important as the deities are decorated on their respective vehicles( Vahanam). On Amavasya day, Lord Medha Dhakshinamurthi, seated on Kailasa vahanam and Ganga devi on crocodile reach the river bank to bless Nandikeswara and of course, all devotees who assemble there.

AS Skandha sashti also coincides during this month, Lord Subramanya on peacock joins the event and Soora Samharam is conducted on Sashti day.

IMG_20181116_144059The last day of the month is called Kadai Mugam and all deities from different temples are taken to Cauvery in the afternoon for theerthavari and people in large number take a dip in the Holy river to wash off their sins.

As per the legend, a physically handicapped person,on reaching Mayiladuthurai found that he badly missed even the last day of the events. Lord Mayuranatha blessed him that he would shower the same bliss as though he could not reach in time. That day is still celebrated on the first day of Karthigai as Mudavan Muzhukku.