Important Dates

19.11.2018: Karthigai Somavaram -1

20.11.2018: Maha Pradosham

22.11.2018: Bharani deepam;Sarvalaya Deepam

23.11.2018: Kruthikai; Annamalai Deepam

26.112018:  Sankata hara Chathurthi; Karthikai Somavaram-2

29.11.2018: Kala Bhairavashtami

30.11.2018: Mahadevashtami

03.12.2018: Karthikai Somavaram -3

04.12.2018: Mahapradosham

10.12.2018: Karthikai Somavaram -4

16.12.2018:Dhanur maasa Poojarambam

20.12.2018: Kruthikai; Mahapradosham

22.12.2018: Pournami

23.12.2018:Ardhra Dharisanam

23.11.18   Ganampulla  nayanar

01.12.18.   Meipporul nayanar

02.12.18    Aanaya Nayanar

15.09.18: Kulachirai nayanar

08.12.18: Moorga nayanar.

09.12.18:  Sirappuli nayanar .

23.12.18:   Sadaya nayanar

29.12.18:  Iyarpagai nayanar

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